Everything and Nothing

by Gary Mitchell

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released November 7, 2008

All music and lyrics by Gary A. Mitchell



all rights reserved


Gary Mitchell Chapel Hill

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Track Name: Think About It
The beat’s alright and you like to dance
The words don’t phase you, they just fly right past.
Have you ever stopped to hear what they’re saying to you
Do you do what they do?
They say “Just dance all night and have a good time.
Make a little love now, oh, it’ll be just fine.
Do what you wanna do, what could go wrong?”
Cause after all its just a song.

Yeah, yeah, yeah, so don’t believe everything you hear.
Cause if that’s your reality, you’ve got a lot to fear.
Do you ever wonder, do you ever doubt it.
What are you listening to? you need to think about it.

Sit-coms, make-overs, music videos.
Teen dramas, soap operas, and those reality shows.
Three hundred channels and there’s still nothing on tv. Do you see what I see?
I see people fighting like jackals just to win the game.
Oh, they’ll do anything at all to win their fortune and fame.
And I see please make me over, cause I don’t like who I am.
Change my face if you can.

Yeah, yeah, yeah, so don’t believe everything you see.
Cause not everything is right that’s on the tv screen.
There’s so much more than meets the eye, don’t you ever doubt it.
What are you watching? You really need to think about it.
Think about it.

So what’s on your mind friend? What’s eating you?
Where do your thoughts seem to wander to.
What you say and do all starts there in your mind.
So what’s up there all the time?
Is it money? Is it people? Is it him or her?
All the things you wish you had or that you wish that you were.
Are you stressed about tomorrow? Are you chased by yesterday?
Well who cares anyway?

Yeah, yeah, yeah, you better be careful how you think alright.
Cause whatever consumes your thoughts controls your life.
And all those things you keep inside can and will be outed.
What are you thinking? You really need...
What are you watching? You really need to think about it.
What are you listening to? You need to think about it...
Think about it.
Track Name: Everything and Nothing
Welcome everyone into my world, welcome to my mind
Grab a shady spot, pull up a chair, and please beware of what you might find.
I apologize if it’s a mess, there’s so much less of what should be.
But I promise that everything that you will see is so uniquely me…

Don’t you tell me you know exactly what I’m thinking
cause most of the time I don’t.
And if you think you know me well I’d like to point out
that that means you probably wont.
Everything you expect will disappear. You might find anything.
There’s everything and nothing here.

There’s a lot of stuff I can’t explain, though it makes sense to me.
My head’s full of loopy reasoning, that’s wrapped inside a sweet simplicity.
Clear as crystal, it’s an upside down, topsy turvy land of fantasy.
But believe me that it’s this mix of outright nonsense that forms my sanity.

If my brain was a book, would you read me?
If I followed you home, would you keep me?
If you got lost in the dark, would you need me?
Or is it that I’m over-rated
Or just underestimated?

Don’t say you know exactly what I’m thinking
Assumptions will just slow you down.
And if you think you’re close to me I’d like to ask you
What is it that you think you’ve found.
Everything you expect will disappear. You might find anything.
There’s everything and nothing here.
Track Name: What She Never Said
Can’t sit still, all messed up. Gut’s on fire, can’t help wondering what’s going through her mind. She never really said much and now our time is passing us by.
So many years, still right back here and after all this time I’m back in this hole again, waiting around again, waiting for her.

Such good friends, real good times. God I wish she’d make up her mind cause It’s killing me, not knowing what it is we’re supposed to be, she wont talk to me.
I can’t let go until I know for sure if I’m just wasting all of my time with this, trying to cope with this is tearing me apart

I can’t shake these memories, and its messing up my head.
We don’t belong together, but I’ll still never forget her,
cause she’s haunting me with all the things she never said.
Cause I never got an answer and it’s following me around.

I don’t care what may be. Its alright, I don’t want to see all the reasons why we have to let this chance simply pass us by, still I cant deny.
I’ve known so long that its all wrong but I just can’t let go of the possibility. This opportunity is dragging me around.

I can’t let go until I know exactly how she feels about me but if I’m wrong, this has gone on too long, its time for this to end.
Track Name: Savior
How can I say thank you for all you have given me.
What can I offer to you when you are everything.
Never-ending blessings, all your promises are true.
And all this is like nothing when compared to forever with you.

Oh how I love you, Jesus.
Your grace is all that carries me.
I can’t express just how your sacrifice
Is my whole life, Savior.

There’s no counting all the ways that you’ve been there for me.
I can’t live without you, you’re the reason that I breathe.
Only you could fill this emptiness inside of me.
Only you could change this heart and only you could save me.

You are my Savior Jesus.
You are the only hope I have.
I can never repay you.
God you are all there is.
Track Name: Afraid of the Dark
Light is fading, night is falling. Are you afraid of the dark?
The night is strange and people change when no one can see who they are.

Are you pretending in the light? Is there a you that nobody sees?
Are you just hiding in the dark? Hiding in shadows just like me.

It hears your lies and covers your secrets. It sees everything but never tells.
Is the darkness your best friend? Does anyone know you quite as well?

So what does it hide of you?
And what has it seen you do?
Do you ever wish that it could stay?
Do you ever wish that you could chase the day away?

Lai, dai dai, doo doo doo, doo doo doo
Lai, dai dai, dadom dow dadomdow
Would you dare to share what you’re hiding there?
What would people say if they knew who you were in the dark?

Just what is it about the dark that comforts you?
Is it easier to blend in, to get lost?
If everything looks different at night
Is it easier to see what you want?

Is there another you, hiding there in the dark?
Do you not know that person is who you really are?
Track Name: Everything to Me
I forget how much I need you until I run away
Chasing after things I think I want when they’re only in the way
And somehow I manage to forget that I’ll only hurt myself
Away from your presence, pretending I was someone else.

I rain down praises on my own head
Then look in the mirror and see I’m all wet
But you’re my redeemer, my one true friend.
You’re the only hope I know
And though I may not always act like it I do want you to know.

You are everything to me
And if you take away your love, God I can’t even breathe.
The life I live is the grace that you give
‘cause you died to set me free.
You are my peace, and without you I’m incomplete
My Jesus, you’re everything, you’re everything to me.

I’m so glad that you can use me in spite of my own flaws
‘cause I know that if you couldn’t I’d be no good to you at all.
So I won’t be afraid of trouble, ‘cause I know you’ll bring me through.
I won’t be ashamed to stumble, ‘cause you’ll teach me to rely on you.

I’m just not brave enough to be strong.
But I’m rejoicing in the knowledge that you knew that all along.

Teach me to be strong Lord. Show me how to obey your commands.
Thank you for seeing who I could be instead of seeing who I am.
You’ve looked beyond my faults and seen my endless need.
You’re everything. You’re everything to me.

You are everything to me
And if you take away your love, God I can’t even breathe.
The life I live is the grace that you give
‘cause you died to set me free.
You are my peace, and without you I’m incomplete
My Jesus, you’re everything.
(You are the joy, the love that I need
my Jesus, you’re everything.)